Different Cameras To Use In Chester for CCTV Systems

Chester CCTV System

If you are thinking of installing a CCTV system in Chester you need to consider the type of camera that you use. There are many different camera types and each will help you in a different way. To determine which camera you need to have to access what you want to CCTV system to do and where you want to monitor.

Bullet Type Cameras

If you are looking to capture images of a single area then a bullet type camera is ideal. These cameras are thin and cylindrical in design and are the most common type of camera in use. It is also possible to get an Ultra Bullet style camera is which similar, but smaller in size and will often be cheaper.

The Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are named after the casing they are located in which looks like a dome. Many big businesses will use these cameras as they have been designed for in-store usage. These cameras are unobtrusive, but also visible so people are aware that there is CCTV in use.

Discreet CCTV Cameras

Discreet Chester CCTV cameras are ones which come in a disguise. These cameras could be made to look like a fan or another object that would not be suspicious in the area. You need to be careful when using these cameras because there could be some issues with legality if you are facing another business or someone’s home.

Infrared Cameras

These cameras have been designed to work as night lookouts. The infrared lighting which surrounds the lens makes it easy to see what is happening in the area in the dark. The problem with these cameras is that they may not give very good images during the day as this is not when they were designed t be used.

Day/Night Cameras

If you want the ultimate in outdoor surveillance then a day/night camera is the solution. These cameras are used in external 24/7 monitoring as they are able to compensate for the lighting conditions. They will often come with a range of features including anti-glare, a backlight and protection against reflections.

Varifocal Cameras

Most CCTV cameras are unable to zoom in when they are in use. However, a varifocal camera will be able to zoom in and out without losing focus. This is a good option is the area you are monitoring if very large and you do not want to have too many cameras.

PTZ Cameras

A PRZ or pan-tilt-zoom camera is one which can be moved. The movements will vary depending on the camera design with some being manually manipulated while others will automatically move. The movement allows you a lot of freedom when using the camera as you are able to see a larger space with a single lens.

There are a number of CCTV cameras that you can use for your system. To determine the best camera you need to consider the size and type of area that you are going to monitor. You should also consider whether the camera needs to work at night as well as during the day.